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Flexographic gearless printing machines

Flexographic gearless printing machines - Smartflex srl

The  purpose is to supply a technologically advanced and up-to-date central drum and stack type printing machines, with a particular attention to the after sales service. The long lasting know-how in this field of  project managers contributes to keep the production standards always at high levels. The continuous confrontation to find new and more functional solutions, is the base of the collaboration between EXPERT srl and System Integrator SITEC srl, for the planning and development of dedicated software and the realization of new automation systems.

Solventless & combi laminating machines

Solventless & combi laminating  machines - Smartflex srl

Laminating machines. The ideal solution for the market's most advanced everyday's requirements. 
We develop customised projects and assist our customers step by step, which has turned us over the years into a global operator capable of satisfying all needs both in solventless and combi laminators.          

Slitting machines

Slitting machines - Smartflex srl

Smartslit  Slitter Rewinder with integrated unwind unit offers mid and wide web printers and converters a cost effective solution for slitting a wide range of substrates. High efficiency is achieved through shaft-less unwind, higher operating speeds, larger unwind and rewind roll diameters, enhanced operator friendly concept and powerful slit edge removal system. Rigid construction and automatic knife positioning complete a package of features normally only found on more expensive models.

Cliche mounting machines

Cliche mounting machines - Smartflex srl

A smartflex srl  plate mounter provides customers with fine workmanship, durability and correct value for money.

UV INKS Led UV curing modules for wide web flexo machines

UV INKS Led UV curing modules for wide web flexo machines - Smartflex srl

State of the art technology of UV curing devices for WIDE WEB FLEXO, using  LED technologies.

The Led UV  modules can be installed on new flexo machines or retrofitted on existing ones.

Further to a thorogh study involving ink suppliers and printing machines manufacturers the following standpoints have been achieved:

1. superior features in terms of adhesion, sealability, rubbing and print sharpness,

2. high printing speed in the range pf 300+ mpm,

3. arrays water cooling system allows enhanced performances in terms of electric consumption, 

4. no VOC's, no RTO, no solvent emissions and no eco taxes, 

5. ink stability without viscosity fluctuations,

6. no need of doctor blades washing at shift end,

7. eco friendly.